Loan Type

3E Capital, LLC. offers a wide array of financial packages that stem from Project Equity, Mezzanine Debt, Credit Enhancements, Acquisition Loans to Raw Land and Hard Money. The company’s ability to combine two or more of its programs on a single loan request results in the customization capabilities that only 3E can offer its clients.

An acquisition loan is used to acquire property using the loan proceeds. Funds can be used for improved lot(s) to completed and operating properties.

Acquisition and Development:
Loan is used to both acquire and develop real property to an improved state. Voucher control is set up to disperse loan proceeds with interest only paid on the funds distributed.

Asset Based:
Loan for any purpose whereby collateral is put up to secure the loan.

“Debtor in Possession” financing on real property assets until institutional financing is available or the sale of assets.

Loan is used for a short duration of time until permanent financing is set in place. They are an optimal solution to a timely acquisition or business opportunity because they allow the investor to act decisively during time-sensitive proposals.

Loan used to construct a building or other improvements of real property, with the land and improvements as collateral for the loan. Reserve accounts are maintained to disperse funds during construction.

Credit Enhancements:
Program utilized by borrowers lacking good credit standings to obtain premium financing from traditional lenders. The Enhancer guarantees the loan for a fee and an equity position.

Hard Money:
Funds are utilized for development or repositioning projects, or certain quick close hard money requests

Loan that is subordinate to a Primary Lender. It involves debt that is paid back at a time of sale or refinance with an equity position given back to the lender. Essentially the program lends additional funding when first mortgages have reached their maximum loan amount.

Project Equity:
Invests project equity with qualified developers and operators when there is significant opportunity for value and/or cash flow enhancements.

Raw Land:
Loan is used for unimproved real property, from lots to acreage.

Standby Commitment:
Commitments until traditional financing commits or shows proof of performance if purchase buyout occurs.